Musicians with Disabilities that Will Impress You with Their Works

Disabilities sometimes are seen as the obstacle for some people to grow. Actually, that is not the right thing to say something like that. Many people who have disabilities still can show to the world about their ability.

For the example are musicians with disabilities. You might already know some popular name such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Beethoven who have very great works as musician.

Do you know others name of great musician that can impress you with their works? If you have not know yet about them, here is the list for you.

Tony Iommi (Anthony Frank Iommi)

The first name that will come to you when it is about musicians with disabilities is Tony Iommi. Tony Iommi is very popular, as one inventor of heavy metal music. He was born in the working-class family in Birmingham.

Musicians with Disabilities that Will Impress You with Their Works

He was injured when he worked in metal factory, in which he had to lose his middle and ring fingers. That became something that make him mental breakdown and of course, that became a career ending for him.

Until one day, he heard the music of Django Reinhardt, the music that can inspire him to play guitar again.

At that time, he thought that Reinhardt use only two fingers to play his music and he was inspired by it. Then, he started to play guitar again. He tried and tried until he found something new on his music, and it was kind of heavy metal.

Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo Paganini became another name of musicians with disabilities. Similar with Tony Iommi, Paganini was also made a new style in music in which prove that he still keep going to be productive even he had disability.

Paganini suffered from two kinds of different syndromes which are Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Marfan Syndrome.

For your information, both of the syndromes are having connection with connective tissue illnesses, which means it can make the joint becomes flexible and supple but also weak.

Paganini had a very great work to face his syndromes and some diagnosis that ever came to him. Because of his creativity and originality in music, he could become one of the most popular violinist in the history.

Paul Wittgenstein

The third name of our list today about musicians with disabilities is about Paul Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein becomes one of the lists because he actually wounded when he was serving in World War I.

The wound that he suffered from, made him should amputate his right hand. With this disability, Wittgenstein refused to stop in his career and still go on with his musical career even though he only use his left hand.

As the musician and also the victim of war, his live was full of dramatic scenes. He was very popular since even he only had one hand, but his ability in playing the music can be compared with the other musicians who have two hands.

Thomas Quasthoff

Then, the next name that fulfill our list of musicians with disabilities is Thomas Quasthoff. Thomas Quasthoff was one of the babies who was born with the affects of Thalidomide, a drug for pregnant woman which can avoid the morning sickness but give some bad effects to the baby.

For the fact, Quasthoff should accept that he was born with only three fingers and at the first time, he could not play any kind of musical instrument. However, he still had another ability that can support his career to be musician, which was his great voice.

Because of his voice, he became very popular singer, especially for classical singer in Germany. He might be do not do any sports like other children since he had disability, but he still popular and grew as great singer since the young age.

Django Reinhart

Jean ‘Django’ Reinhart, who no other than the inspirator of Toni Iommi, is the next name of musicians with disabilities that you have to know about. He was a guitarist from Belgian and he belongs to the Romani descent.

At the beginning of his career, he made his career debut when he was 13. However, he had to face a bad destiny when in the age 18, he was burned in the caravan where he lived in.

Because of that, the doctors told him and wanted him to amputate both of his right leg and left arm, which probably could make him to not playing guitar anymore.

However, he refused to do the amputation and he learned again to walk and playing guitar. That should be though time for him but he never gave up to play guitar again and he became popular as one of the creators of hot jazz guitar.

Because of his great work and his story life, he became very influential figure in the music world.

Franz Schubert (Franz Peter Schubert)

Franz Schubert became one of the names of list about musicians with disabilities that we have today. Actually, Franz Schubert had a short life. He has some difficult times in his life, especially when it comes to his relation with women in which he also ever resorted to hire prostitutes.

Then, because of that, he should face another difficulty in his life which he had to suffer from syphilis. This illness affected some parts of his life, his body, and mind and of course the work. Let’s talk about some of the works list from Franz Schubert.

From the start of his popularity is The Fair Miller which was produced when he was in hospital. Another illness that should be faced by him was cylothymia, which is somewhat mental disorder which similar which bipolar disorder.

Musicians with Disabilities

When he was in his episode, he composed something like The Elven King (Erlkoening), or Death the Maiden. Unfortunately, he had to have such a short life and ending his life in the age 31.

Those names in the list are very popular musicians who have their own style in music and their own struggle in their life. They might have imperfection in their physical and their mental, but their works could be something that very inspiring and refreshing.

So, which one is your favorite of those names in the list of musicians with disabilities?