The Sexiest Twins from Around the World

Having brother or sister must be the big blesses, especially for twins brother or sister. Besides attractive, they will be so unique especially for identical twins. In some countries there are millions twins yet a half of them have been popular with their achievement that they have got. Who are they? Here are the sexiest twins, triplets, quadruplets from around the world.

The Akse Quadruplets, Netherlands

The Sexiest Twins from Around the World

For the first, twin can be two three or even more. In Dutch there is a quartet known as The Akse Quadruplets. The four sexy and beautiful girls from Dutch are known as the identical twins. Tessa, Esme, Bo and Lisa Akse are the name of them who three of them become social worker and Lisa works in the Salon.

The Taylor Triplets from USA

Then, if there is quartet so there is also triplets. Not too different from quartet, triplets consist of three twins. So, who are the sexiest twin triplets?

The first popular triplet is the Taylor Triplets from USA who form red Roots group. If you like to listening Christian song you might be familiar with them.

They are Nika Taylor, Nicole Taylor and Natalie Taylor who have been singer group of Christian song with country genre. Besides beautiful, these identical triplet also has ability to play many kinds of music such as guitar, piano, violin, banjo and many else.

The Crimmins Triplets, Irlandia

If there is triplet in USA, Ireland also has the sexiest twin triplets who are sexy, smart and beautiful. These sexy triplets sister has known as the Crimmins Triplets.

With their identical look, they have been a model in some agencies such as Aca Models Belfast, Ice Elite Management and Assets Modellin Agency Dublin.

Because of their identical, sometimes people are getting confused to know who is Nicola, Alison or Lauran.

The Kim Triplets, South Korea

Flying to South Korea, there is Infinity Pop Trio who has triplet member. Jun Ah, Sun Ah and Min Ah are the sexiest twin triplets in South Korea who got any achievements because of their ability in music.

In producing the music, they choose to have African and Russian music as their genre taste in music. Moreover, they had ever collaborated with two popular France and African artist.

The Okapiec Triplets, Poland

From South Korea to Poland, if you ever watched America’s Got Talent and Hannah Montannah you may know about The Okapiec Triplets. They are Aleksandra Okapiec, Izabela Okapiec and Monica Okapiec who is extremely can play violin so beautiful.

Because of their talent in playing music, it makes them as the sexiest twin triplet who usually invited in the big orchestra. In that chance, a producer recruited them to be a group named Alizma.

The Tang Triplets, Canada

Still for the sexiest twin triplet, they are from Canada who becomes DJ and model. Jade Tang, Joelle Tang and Mariah Tang are the charismatic girls who mixed blood from China and Ukraine.

If you ever watched X-men, you may notice them in there. Not only one of them who become a star in X-Men, but three of them ever played in X-Men movie.

The Davalos Twins, Colombia

After done with quartet and triplet, so here are the sexiest twins that will make you fall in love with them not only because of their beautifulness but also because of their talent.

Start from Columbia, there is the Dalavos Twins who are Camila and Mariana. Both of them have been known as the popluar Model in Lexington, Kentucky.

What make them are so charming is they started their career as the model from they were in 10 year old when they were in Columbia. After got a job as the lingerie model, both of them become more popular and predicate as the sexiest model.

The Feres Twins, Brazil

If you like to watch MTV, you may know the Feres Twins who have many talents. Not only beautiful and sexy, Bia Feres and Branca Feres also known as the swimmer.

These identical twins start their career as the MTV presenter, actress, gymnastics couch and also model for adult magazine.

The Bella Twins, America

In America, there is also beautiful twin named the Bella Twins. Stepahine Nocile Garcia Colace and Monique Danielson Garcia Colace are the real name of Nikki Bella and Brie Bella twins, They started their career in entertainment as model and actress.

They also had been popular because of their achievement as the winner of World Cup Twins and joint the International Body Doubles Twin since 2006. What make them be sexier is they joint as the fighter in WWE Diva Search Competition since 2006.

The Most Beautiful Twins in Australia (Herbert Twins)

Let’s fly again to Australia to meet the Renee Herbert and Elisha Herbert who are the most beautiful twins in Australia. Start their career as the model of Peppermayao, one of the famous boutiques in Sydney, they caught their career.

Besides beautiful, they are also known as the humble person who always answer the question from their fans trough social media. Although they have been busy in modeling, they never forget to catch their academic. They are still in school of Queensland and fluent in English and French.

The Abu Khadra Twins, Saudi Arabia

If there are so many twins who become model, so in Saudi Arabia the Abu Khadra twins become the most popular fashion designer. Abu Khadra and Haya Abu Khadra are the twins sister who always elegant and glamour as their characteristic in fashion.

They are one of the daughters from one of the richest conglomerates in Saudi Arabi, Rula Abu Khadra who is the owner of the Art of Living high class boutique in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

They started their career when they were in 15 years old in their mother’s boutique then climbing up to catch their own career in fashion too.

The Most Beautiful Twins

Abu Khadra and Haya Abu Khadra ever showed as the model in fashion magazine of Happer’s Bazaa Arabia as the Best Dressed List. Italia Vanity Fair and also in some fashion event in USA and Europe.

So, which the sexiest twin that become your favorite and role model? They are not only beautiful but also have talent and achievements that they have got. Hope, you can follow their successes in the future life.

Beauty is not only about the appearance but beauty is about how we can explore ourselves to get many positive achievements in our life.